Wellington, New Zealand. What to do on a rainy day?

Port of call 4: Wellington, New Zealand

Due to a recent storm our pier was partly destroyed so the ship had to dock on a commercial wharf, from there we were then escorted with a shuttle bus to the city centre of Wellington. Very convenient actually as usually you need to arrange this transport yourself. Wellington is New Zealand’s capital but as we arrived in yet again rainy weather our excitement was on a lower level than it used to be. Especially when a lady in a store told us that they had hot weather for so long that they were actually relieved it finally rained, so yes it wasn’t just NZ, the rain was just following us, yippie.. 😉

At first it was still fine and you had this gloomy sky hiding behind the mountains so we took a stroll along the pier and ended up at the Te Papa museum. This is New Zealand’s most famous museum and probably the biggest, and still it’s free! The museum was indeed quite stunning and big but after about an hour there we kind of had enough of it. Unfortunately though, when we stepped outside again, the rain had come and wasn’t going to make our further discovery tour very pleasant. We walked back to the city centre but apart from some shops it couldn’t fully charm us. Arno and I decided to jump on the shuttle back to the boat and go for some relaxing by the solarium jacuzzis, at least they were always welcoming, warm and came with free cocktails 😉 

My parents took the cable car up for only 7,5 NZD so yes we regretted it a tiny bit afterwards. They told us that although the weather was bad and the view wasn’t like it should be (meaning, like this picture), it was still a fun experience! So for that price I’d definitely recommend it to other visitors 🙂 

Wellington, New Zealand, Cable car
Cable Car in Wellington