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Thomas Cook Belgium

Social Media intern

Deloitte Belgium

Human Resources Administrator

Carers Victoria Australia

Human Resources Advisor

Linda Nuyts Remote/Belgium

Freelance Virtual Marketing Support


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Do you really want to get to know me? They do say that you only really get to know a person by her writing right? So if you’re curious, feel free to check out my blog. It’s mostly about travelling, but a bit about everything as well.


About me

Hi there! I’m Kim, a Belgian professional, fluent in Dutch/Flemish and English. Here’s a bit about me.

The short version: After an inspiring taste of the corporate world, my husband and I decided it was time to chase some of our dreams. We travelled through Australia and New Zealand and lived in Thailand for a year, while growing our freelancing careers. A journey we haven’t regretted for a single minute!

The long version: I started my career as a Human Resources Administrator within Deloitte Belgium, I learned a ton, met incredibly inspiring people and saw what the corporate world could offer. I loved every minute of it, thanks to my wonderful team of chocolate lovers craving for new challenges, all with a big smile and ready to have some fun on the way! It was there that I discovered the power of different personalities in a team, I was known as the “happy pioneer”, always adaptable, creative and always there to bring some joy and relief. From enormous Excel and SAP analyses to the helping hand in organizing trainings and events, I will always be grateful for the wide range of responsibilities I was given and the many memorable experiences I had during my time here. 

In Australia I briefly continued this career in the non-profit sector, where I assisted the new HR Manager in setting-up all HR needs for Carers Victoria. A completely different opportunity with lots of freedom and a manager who taught me a lifetime of knowledge which I cherish to this day. 

After that I knew that there had to be some way to combine my love for these types of jobs and the exploration of the world. I started remotely doing administrative tasks and grew my portfolio of clients steadily. I see myself as very lucky that in this quest I have found Linda Nuyts, with whom I now get to work as Virtual Marketing Support. She has trained me in everything there is to know about WordPress, digital marketing and so much more. 

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or ideas! I’d love to hear from you.


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