We bought a van on day 1!
Our van from the inside
Our van from the inside

We went to settle all practical stuff on our first day as I wanted to be good with all the paperwork. It seems though that luck is on our side! We managed to set up our bank accounts, phone plans and we even found ourselves a van already.

We headed as a first stop to Travellers Autobarn, which is a small organization that sells and rents camper vans all over Australia plus they handle all paperwork for you and come with roadside assistance and guaranteed buyback in any of their branches. After googling the necessary paperwork to be settled when buying a van privately I was rather demotivated after 2 minutes. That’s why this deal was such a relief for the both of us, we payed a bit more of course, about 9000$ for the van and some extras for the buyback and paperwork handling, with the advantage we don’t have to worry about a thing anymore! 

So we headed off to Ikea and some camping stores to buy some goodies to make our van our home, several hundred dollars later we’re almost good to go! We do miss an alternative for a Decathlon though, I simply can not believe that in a camping country as this one the only camping stores are the expensive small ones (comparable to A.S. Adventure) so we’ll need to search a bit more to find everything we need but luckily I like shopping 😉