Van’s first service and me falling off my skateboard.
Do these scratches make me look cooler?
Do these scratches make me look cooler?

Our van went on its first service on Monday, so at 8 in the morning we were homeless. This time we decided not to walk to town or anywhere we could kill the hours but take our longboards. For me that was quite a while a go and I never was a star anyway, luckily however after a nice cup of coffee at the local drive thru coffee truck it went better and I gained a little more confidence. Until of course I came across a little rock, a devious rock that made me dive towards the concrete.. Yup that’s my life at 25, others are building houses and having babies while I’m here in Australia falling of my skateboard. But no worries, no amputations nor transplants needed, just some scratches on my leg and elbow. It’ll just sting a bit when I’ll want to jump back into the ocean.

Anyhow we finally made it to a beach where we thought we could relax for a while before getting back to the shop. That was before we saw the sign ‘Recent crocodile sighting’ and ‘Stingers’ and as a little extra a friendly passer-by told us better not to swim because of the many sharks! It seems so unreal when you’re on that beach with gorgeous blue water, that it’s actually stuffed with deadly creatures. Wouldn’t take the risk however Luckily our van was perfectly ok and good to go for the next 5000 km’s. (we’re having it serviced every 5k just because we’re responsible folks). It cost us 200$ but at least we’re sure!

Did I mention we have a free surfboard? Cool right, great, too bad we’re total noobs at surfing so please help us in advising what we should get to make this thing surf! As for now it only makes us look cooler, or that’s what I like to believe. Hang loose!