Interior Design – the Van edition

As it was a rainy/stormy day again we went on an other shopping spree for the van, we still needed a camping table, solar panels and a porta potti (for emergency shitting). I still wanted to have a guitar as I’m aspiring to become the next Jeniffer Batten (googled her though, to be honest). We returned (after the revelation of the week: Kmart) with 2 maternity pillows (life saver for back patients!), a queen size blanket (super soft though), a camping table, a foldable water reservoir, stretch bands for Arno to re-enforce his muscles, an fm transmitter because our van’s radio is still in the cassette-age, a second computer screen for Arno’s video-editing, some velcro to attach our mozzie net, a safe for our precious stuff and a giant beginner’s guitar for me!

We got these goodies from cash converters & city cash (both thrift shops), Kmart, Bunnings and BCF in Belmont, definitely worth it to check out these huge stores and return smiling as you finally realize things CAN be cheap in Oz too! We will get the porta loo and solar panels when we have the van to see which option is best (the POO XL or POO Extreme Loads, just kidding) as these should be the last expensive things we’ll throw our dollars at. 

To give you an idea, before these purchases we already bought (most of it in Ikea):

  • a mattress topper (not a must probably but for us back patients it most definitely is)
  • cover sheet
  • pillows (and now realizing we forgot pillow covers)
  • boxes to store our clothes etc. under the seats
  • some small kitchen stuff (most cutlery etc. we’re getting with the van) like pots, ziplock bags,..
  • 2 small cushions for the seats
  • a hanging bar with detachable cups for small junk
  • anti-slip mats for the cabinets
  • laundry bag
  • waste bags
  • place mats
  • washing cloths
  • outside camping chairs
  • mozzie net
  • mosquito repellent (mozzies make me go mental)
  • solar shower 

You’ll probably thinking: ,,Can they even fit in the van after all this stuff went in?” Then we’re on the same page here, as we’re questioning that too but more on that part very soon!